written by: shaylief

A stunning woman stands in the doorway of a bustling party. Silky

glittering fabric cascades from her waistline, accentuating her perfect

curves. Just inside the door, glasses clink in meaningless toasts and

tinkling laughter echoes around the hall. As though drawn to a magnetic

force, everyone in the room suddenly turns simultaneously towards the

newcomer. The formerly raucous hall is so silent you could hear a pin

drop. Men’s jaws drop as they survey the sparkling creature in awe, and

women’s eyes narrow in envy as they grip their husbands tightly. This

woman could easily be you.

Feeling a little drab and looking for a different fashion approach for an

upcoming event? If you’re in the mood for some fun, a huge confidence

boost, and a load of glitter, try purchasing some burlesque clothes today!

When most people hear the word “burlesque”, the first image that conjures

in their mind is a bunch of women scantily clad in skimpy show girl

costumes. Although some burlesque clothes do show a little more skin than

many people are comfortable with, there is a large selection of burlesque

garments that are very tastefully designed for those who are a bit more


One of these conservative garments is burlesque Moulin Rouge fancy

dresses. While the modern Moulin Rouge fancy dresses include simply a

basque and a frilled short skirt with black stockings and garters, you

could take a more modest approach and go for the look of an early Moulin

Rouge dancer. These costumes include a long skirt (but not too long),

several frilly petticoats, and black tights. These gowns are perfect for

the more full-figured women as they petticoats hide ample waists.

Although the early dancer gowns show much less skin than the modern

dresses, they can be just as sensual because they leave more to the


Wearing a burlesque costume can make any woman feel stunning. The

sensation of silk and glitter hugging your body and knowing that everyone

in the room is awestruck by your beauty is a fantastic feeling. Burlesque

clothing seems to light a fire inside you that can’t be conjured by

anything else. It brings out your adventurous spirit, no matter how

deeply buried it may be, and makes you ready to seek out fun, wherever it

may lie. Glamour and glitter seem to follow you around every bend.

Burlesque not only creates a beautiful look, but a fantastic feeling as

well. It makes you feel ready to tackle the world, like you could

accomplish anything you set your mind to.