Feathers, pearls, decorated nipples – nothing screams fantasy more than the enticing feeling of nylon tassels gliding by someone’s skin as a burlesque dancer shimmies her way into their lap!

Spectators are always fascinated by the teasing confidence of burlesque dancers, but what gives them such coolness to demand your attention? It’s  all in the attire. The outfits are what give them the poise and authority to put on a great show and now it’s your turn to wear the feathers. Make room in your closets, ladies – burlesque gear is here to stay.

These awing outfits should be a staple the bedroom but you can also sneak it out into the streets once in a while. With its growing popularity, more women have incorporated burlesque inspired pieces into their wardrobes. The long silky gloves are the perfect addition to a feminine suit as the seasons change to the cooler climates. With the trend of recycling vintage fashions, more women have grown fond of wearing decorative thigh highs with garter belts. They come in a wide variety of design, most of them showing a line down the back of the leg finished off by a feminine bow as it reaches the ankle. They are also much more comfortable than those control tops in my opinion! Corsets in deep, rich colours pulling back on your body forces your posture into a powerful stance. You have no choice but to feel in control of the show. Paired with a pencil skirt and a fitted blazer, it is the perfect outfit for a seducing night out at dinner.

Let’s not forget what happens after dinner – you will be putting on a magnificent show. To make the dance worth the seduction you must have at least five garments to slowly take off as you’re tempting your audience of one (or more if you please) to some spicy jazz. There are the silky long gloves that you must gingerly slide off – one finger at a time. The sturdy and mischievous heels that you will kick off, one by one, to the other side of the room – careful not to hit any vases. The decorative stockings that will magically melt off your legs as you unfasten them from your garter belt. Next is the bustle skirt that oh so wonderfully accentuates your rump. Let’s not forget that you are teasing your guest and everything should come off slowly leaving a linger for more. Your corset is last to come off leisurely and tauntingly to reveal nothing but nipple pasties for the finale! It is traditional to leave the nipple pasties on at the end of the show – let’s leave something to the imagination!

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