written by: shaylief

Picture the scene. A beautiful woman strutting onstage to fast-paced show

music, twirling faster and faster in a whirlwind of feather and glitters.

She tips her plumed hat and flings her feather boa into the audience with

a confident smile. Onlookers from the crowd gaze up at the majestic

creature prancing and dancing in front of them, unable to wipe the

awestruck expressions from their faces. That scintillating creature could

easily be you.

Showgirl costumes are the quintessential burlesque outfits. The scantily

clad woman strutting her stuff onstage is the image everyone’s mind

automatically conjures when faced with the term ‘burlesque clothing’.

However. showgirl costumes, which are the most popular pieces in

burlesque fashion, don’t have to be skimpy. There are many tasteful

showgirl costumes available that are not as tight and short as some of

the choices on the market. However, no matter how tasteful a showgirl

costume you set out to find, you have to prepare yourself that every

costume you pull off the rack is sure to be outrageous and crazy. That’s

what makes them fun!

While some items of burlesque clothing can be worn to formal parties and

events, wearing a showgirl costumes mean committing to being fully decked

out in feather boas, colorful corsets, tall plumed hats and fascinations,

and as much glitter as it’s possible to embed into a piece of fabric.

Purchasing a showgirl costume is like purchasing a full combination of

every burlesque clothing item on the market. Although showgirl costumes

might not be appropriate for a formal events, they’re perfect for a sexy

yet tasteful Halloween costume or, of course, for dancing on stage.