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In this useful Burlesque video on Video Jug the London Academy of Burlesque talk about how to chose your Burlesque accessories. Getting the right accessories acn make or break the overall look and it’s important that you take care when chosing your add on accessories.

The only thing to keep in mind when you choose your burlesque accessories is to ensure that this contrast. This will help you stand out.

How to choose your burlesque accessories. Of course, it depends on what you wear, what parts of your body are free to add things to. It is really lovely glitzy necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings if you wear.

Some people put handcuffs in their hair. It’s the same glow. I brought with me a couple of bracelets elastic.

I find that these look really effective on stage, but of course if you are an artist interprets or running or you will just a concert, it’s really catchy. Now, beauty on them, thus, is that you can focus on things. Now, gloves are also accessories.

They can make a suit look really elegant and what I do often, just as these gloves already blinged up a little bit. Thank you, Ann Summers. What I often do to add something to the glove, not only the bare arm, is to put the bracelet bangle on the glove.

Because I have a black dress on, I would probably wear black gloves. The reason being, you really don’t see the glove against the dress. There is no contrast.

Contrast is really, really important. What you want, this is the effect of one color against the other. All, this advisory really.

Try not to make a hat and a boa, too much around the face. But if you have a hat and gloves, it is really nice. Boa and gloves are fine.

I brought with me a two tone boa. She once again, the black in what I wear, but because it has Rose in it, it really shows. It adds a little luxury to any dress.

Fascinators are an accessory, too. It works again, if it contrasts with your color of hair, so it is not lost and that he was opposed to what you wear. This is how to choose your burlesque accessories.

Thanks for watching video How To Choose Your Burlesque Accessories.


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