written by: shaylief

When you balance a burlesque hat or fascinator atop your head, you’re not

just flinging on any old head. Burlesque hats and fascinators are

incomparable to any other type of hat or head adornment on the market due

to their fabulously unique style and design.

Since its origin hundreds of years ago, the term burlesque has always

been identified with outrageous, over the top womens’ outfits and

costumes. Burlesque hats and fascinators are probably the most familiar

aspects of burlesque fashion; They stick in your mind because of their

absolute outrageousness. A perfect addition to the timeless costumes,

burlesque hats most-often appear as miniature top hats, usually in black

or red (or some combination of the two colors), perched jauntily on the

side of the head. Wild plumes and feathers often spring from the top of

the hat, rounding the whole accessory off with a whimsical touch.

While still plenty wild, fascinators are slightly calmer variants of

burlesque hats. They are a bit milder and less obvious because they lay

flat on the side of the head like large sparkling hair clips rather than

popping up like a burlesque hat. The fabulous thing about fascinators is

that each one is completely different from the next. This is because

fascinators, unlike burlesque hats, come in all different shapes and

colors. Many assume the form of pink hearts with arrows through them,

while others appear as a bright red pair of cherries, or a multi-colored