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You can pull off a classical or contemporary looking style without

spending much on burlesque clothes for your personal wardrobe. Burlesque

was a very popular form of art and entertainment in 19th century. These

outfits were worn by the different performers at parties in Europe

especially in France. At that time people loved to see such exaggerated

and sexual performances by different female performers. There are

different ways in which you can wear burlesque outfits. Old day

performers used to wear these costumes in layers of petticoats, corsets

with laces and skirts. Nowadays performers wear simple, but yet sexy

looking outfits. These costumes help you gain confidence and show off

your fabulous assets as well. Following are few types of Burlesque

clothes that you can wear on different fun parties such as Halloween

parties, night parties, fancy dress parties, etc.

Types of Burlesque clothes

Fever Laced burlesque costume: This costume includes black and red short

halter neck outfit with red lace and black ribbon bow in the center of

the costume. This costume gives you a very sexy and provocative look and

would definitely earn you a great repute in social community.Feather

based burlesque costume: This costume is ideal for night parties and

gives you a very nice and pure look. This burlesque outfit is themed

around white feathers.Mask based burlesque costume: This burlesque

costume is basically used along with the different types of elegant

masks. This outfit is usually worn during fun, fancy dress and Halloween