written by: shaylief

The Rennaissance was a time of rebirths. The rebirth of classic learning,

ancient Greek and Roman customs, and, best of all, art. Once such reborn

art form was burlesque fashion. While burlesque fashion has been around

since at least the times of ancient Greece, it was reborn into many

popular women’s everyday clothing pieces during the time of the

Rennaissance. One such garment was the corset dress; In almost every

painting you see of a woman from that time period, she is clothed in a

long, elegant corset dress. And now, in present-day times, burlesque

fashion has celebrated the erotic, glamourous clothing choices of

Rennaissance women by creating a modern corset dress.

There are two main types of burlesque corset dresses: Those that go with

the traditional Rennaissance design of the gown, complete with long,

heavy skirts and a tight corset on top, and those that take a more modern

approach with a tulle skirt at approximately mid-thigh length. Most

corset dresses honor the Rennaissance by using popular colors from that

time period such as rich dark reds and purples, deep blacks, and light

creams. However, there are those that completely throw away the

traditional design

and go straight for the wild styles of the twenty-first century. Some

have corsets made entirely of sheer lace or skirts constructed from pure

white goose feathers. Depending on whether you choose an outrageous

modern approach, a traditional Rennaissance gown, or something

in-between, corset dresses can be worn to a wide variety of events,