written by: shaylief

Click, clack, clickety, clack. The two black canes of the prancing duo

tap out a rhythym on the wooden floor. Music chimes strike cheerfully as,

up onstage, two glittering stilleto heels and two shiny black boots,

belonging to the dancing pair, join in the tapping of the canes. Soon,

the audience simply can’t resist tapping their feet, quietly at first,

then gradually louder, under their chairs to the rhythym of the couple

onstage, who appears to be deeply immersed in their riveting dance

routine. Chemistry flies like sparks off the springing couple onstage as

they march and twirl around each other, seemingly oblivious to the din of

the cheering crowd. Does it sound like fun to be one-half of that couple

up onstage? With the right dance moves and the right outfit, you can be.

Women’s cabaret costumes are very similar to women’s showgirl costumes,

usually featuring a tight corset dress and frilly skirt, with accessories

like hats and glitter and fishnet stockings. However, the unique thing

about cabaret costumes is that there is a selection of them for men as

well, which is unusual in burlesque fashion. Men’s cabaret costumes are

identified by their shiny black boots, tall black top hat, nice black

slacks, and buttoned red or black tails, with a jaunty black bow tie to