written by: shaylief

Ah, shoes. Every woman’s secret obsession and retail weakness comes back

to that one loaded word. Heels, wedges, flats, slippers, it doesn’t

matter. Just mention the term “shoe sale”, and, after one hundred women

have trampled over your body to get to the door, you’ll realize why it

takes an extraordinary amount of guts (and stupidity) to wave a red flag

in front of the face of a bull. Shoes are the go-to womens’ accessory. It

doesn’t matter what the rest of a woman’s outfit looks like; If her shoes

are ugly, it can potentially tarnish the rest of her appearance as well.

With this information in mind, it’s not surprising that burlesque shoes

are often the most captivating piece of an entire burlesque costume.

Burlesque shoes are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

However, it’s very difficult to find some that do not feature a tall,

slender stiletto heel, so walking in them takes some getting used to. You

might want to practice strutting around your house in them before you

venture out to an event wearing them. Along with high heels, burlesque

shoes are usually coated from top to bottom in a wild design, whether it

be sparkling rhinestones, crazy red polka-dots, heavy glitter, or sheets

of delicate black lace over a bright background hue. Some burlesque shoes

even feature several bows attached in various places, or miniature

feather boas wrapped around the ankle.