A majestic tiger squints relaxedly as she stretches her lean body gracefully at the peak of a large boulder. The sun’s bright rays stream down onto her back, warming her naturally groomed fur. Light shines onto her down from above, mixing with her magnificent black and orange stripes to create what appears to be flames rising up, licking her graceful body with their white-hot tongues. A snake slithers along the desert floor,

flicking her tail dramatically every few feet she slides. Sand rises like

puffs of dense smoke around her lengthy body, but the blinding red,

black, green, and orange stripes woven into her unique scale pattern

shine through clear as day.

As though the depictions above weren’t evidence enough, everything, even

in the wild, looks better with stripes. Stripes are dramatic, they’re

glamourous, they have unbelievable slimming effects; What more could you

ask for from one simple pattern? Burlesque seamed stockings are made of

the same netting fabric with the same criss-cross design as burlesque

fishnet stockings. Just that is enough to capture the attention of an

entire room. But burlesque seamed stockings go one step further by

adding, as you can probably guess from their name, seams. The thick,

noticeable seams up the sides, and sometime the front and back, of these

stockings creates the appearance of dramatic stripes and adds an extra

sensual boost to the classic burlesque piece.