It’s 1953. A beautiful young woman sits perched on a stool in her favorite black-white-and-red diner. A handsome boy sits next to her, gazing into her wide emerald green eyes. It’s their first date and both their hearts are fluttering with that incomparable new-crush excitement.

Smiling giddily, the girl stands, fluffs her curls, and readjusts her gorgeous red polka-dotted satin pin-up dress, tied halter-style around her slender neck. Her new guy gazes in admiration at the beautiful figure in front of him, twirling in her captivating gown, as they both parade through the double doors of the diner and out into the night.

Burlesque pin-up dresses are the perfect retro blast from the past from the nifty fifties. While similar to the classic 1950s pin-up dress described above, modern burlesque dresses are usually a little shorter and a bit more shapely. They often have thin straps or are strapless, rather than designed like the traditional 1950s halter-style pin-up dress. Over the decades, burlesque pin-up dresses have modernized the original 1950s pin-up dress design from polka dots to chic red and black block colors with scattered ruffles and bows.

Although the short, slender design of the modern burlesque pin-up dress may scare off curvier women, there are many variants of this garment designed specifically for plus-size women. The plus-sized version of the timeless classic often includes a less busy pattern, a higher waist, and strategically placed folds, buttons, and zippers to create the appearance of a smooth, slender torso.