Burlesque Party Essentials

English: Burlesque Artist Photo of Cherie Fata...

English: Burlesque Artist Photo of Cherie Fatale De Ville, burlesque performer, March, 9 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In simple and straight-forward words a burlesque party gives you an opportunity to attend a light-hearted event with a little bit of twist. Truly seductive, vibrant and glamorous colors make this party a pure ecstasy for you. So what do you need to get your party going? Well it goes without saying that you need your guests to be dressed up in Burlesque costumes including fancy dresses such as corsets, skirts, stockings, hair piece’s, feathered costumes, frilly petticoats, burlesque shoes, garters, necklaces, lace gloves, etc etc. The guys need to look dapper in fifities style smart suits and trilby hats or perhaps a dinner jacket and bowtie is always a good look for the guys.  take a look at some of the many on this site. You’ll see many wonderful and sensual outfits turn up at any modern day burlesque party.

Costumes for a burlesque party

The true beauty of a burlesque theme party is that you can arrange it within your limits. For these parties you don’t have to be a wealthy, you can enjoy it in as little money as you want if you cannot afford a complete outfit. Charity shops can offer some nice vintage accessories to jazz up any old outfit to make it fitting for the occasion. If as a lady you are stuck for a coolur red and black is always popular but you can never go wrong if you attend the party wearing something like a black dress and a feather in your hair, long gloves and black heels, simple but classic burlesque with the feather and glove accessories. If you want more spice and drama, then the possibilities of burlesque outfits are simply endless. For more contemporary styles you can find lost of information on burlesque parties and their dressing styles and codes on social media sites like youtube and on the internet in gerneral . How about this suggestion, with a little twist to an old wedding costume you can create a heart throbbing and stunning burlesque party costume piece for yourself.

Drinks for a burlesque party

No burlesque party is considered complete without the inclusion of wonderful cocktails. So being an organizer of this party you must have to keep in mind the taste of your guests. You can give seductive and enticing names to your burlesque cocktails such burlesque mania, sensual spirit, burlesque magical punch, for example. If youy can afford it, it might also be a good idea to rent you a waiter from some well-known company so that you can get on with the socialisig whilst they serve drinks to the party guests. In this way you would be able to enjoy this party to the full.

Decoration and lighting for your burlesque party

You cannot ignore the importance of decoration and lighting in a burlesque party. Luckily there are uncountable options are available for you as far as the lighting and decoration is concerned. Low lights and an old ballroom feel might get the look, a globe here and there and tiffany style lamps all bring together the charm of vinatge burlesque. Try to remove clear lights and replace with with red or soft pink lights to get a nice ambinece. This will give your party a romantic and hot twist. Candles can also compliment to the atmosphere with their glow. For a colorful backdrop you can also buy cheap laces.

In summarising we can say a burlesque party provides you with a wonderful opportunity to express yourself in your very own unqiue , stylish and stunning way.