written by: shaylief

A stunning woman strolls down the pavement, her heels clacking with each

light step. To the lilting melody of the classical piece playing down the

street at the party she’s headed to, the woman twirls her delicate

burlesque parasol with a flick of her slender wrist. Her handsome date

trails behind her, acutely aware of how lucky he is simply to be in the

presence of such an elegant creature. She holds her fishnet-covered

parasol high in the air as the ruffled ends of her long gown catch the

breeze and float around her ankles, giving her the appearance of a

magnificent bird about to take flight.

Burlesque parasols give any burlesque costume an extra boost of drama and

glamour that cannot be ignored. When you’re holding your parasol above

your head, it’s like raising a sign blinking with neon lights spelling

out “Notice me! Notice me!” Carrying a parasol upright also has a

stretching effect, making you appear taller and more slender than you

actually are. Sounds great, right?

Now that you’re convinced a burlesque parasol will be the perfect new

addition to your wardrobe, it’s time to choose which one you want. Like

most everything in burlesque fashion, there is a wide variety of parasol

styles and colors you can choose from. There are bright red ones covered

in fishnet fabric to go with your burlesque fishnet stockings, there are

black lace ones that identify with the traditional burlesque gothic

style, there are even pure white ones with strings of jewels dangling

from the sides. No matter your style, there’s something out there for