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Burlesque Outfits  – Great for Halloween or any Burlesque Party Occasion

Halloween is such a big occasion. Every year there are millions of Halloween parties held around the world. The actual challenge is finding something different and new and unique to make you stand out. This year why not go for a burlesque costume for Halloween?

Attending a Halloween or themed costume party event is the perfect time to dress up and in fancy dress and have fun. If you’re a woman though, there isn’t much appeal in dressing up in a scary Halloween costume that hides your face or just typically is unflattering. Although there are some popular sexy Halloween outfits that you can get hold of, one of the more popular choices over the last couple of years is a burlesque costume.

Burlesque has many different meanings:  in fact the actual meaning of Burlesque has changed considerably over the last few decades, however  for most people when we talk about burlesque it’s all about the glitz and glamour and the tease of the burlesque outfits than anything else. If you didn’t already know burlesque was traditionally referring to the glamorous and sexy clothing and shows associated with striptease and stage shows. However Burlesque has really evolved over the course of many decades and is more contemporary right now probably than it has ever been. Stars like Christina Aguilera, Cher, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rhianna all have at some point embellished the sexy 50’s inspired glamorous burlesque fashion in their stage outfits to one extent or another.

Burlesque costumes are usually quite raunchy and often comprise of corsets and tutus, feathers, boas and fascinator, typically fish net stockings, bordello shoes and smokey make up also plays a big part in recreating that classic burlesque look. If you look on the internet and do some research for outfit ideas to recreate the look from the movie or a 50’s performer, you’ll soon realize that it’s quite easy to recreate the burlesque look if you are creative enough without having to buy a Burlesque Halloween costume. If you do not have the creativity or time then chances are that you’ll find much of the perfect outfit right here on Burlesque Clothing.


The popularity of fancy dress burlesque outfits at Halloween and parties means that the market is huge and many styles, colours and fabrics are available to suit your taste and actually buying your own burlesque party costume is pretty inexpensive. The best place to find your Halloween costume is online,  there are literally hundreds of styles in online stores that sell costumes and masks like ours. Amazon is also a popular place for buying outfits or perhaps if you looking for really cheap second hand burlesque costumes you can try eBay?

The burlesque movement continues to grow at a rapid pace. A great deal of the allure of the art of the tease is the glamorous clothing worn by the performers and audience members alike. Make sure you are the centre of attention at your burlesque party or Halloween party by donning the the rich and lavish materials draped over the curves of your body and indulge in the burlesque charm. Perhaps you might be looking at joining burlesque classes to learn the art of burlesque for a private performance with your partner, these events are growing in popularity. If so for the performer, your wardrobe pieces should be  carefully selected as part of the story is that the clothing  needs to be easy to remove. Here are some of the most important garments in burlesque clothing and how they are used to entice and delight the eager spectator(s).

The Burlesque Fascinator

An attractive head piece often adorned with feathers, flowers, glitter and veils. the garment adds instant glamour to any burlesque outfit and most importantly conceals part of the face or eyes immediately creating sexy alluring intrigue and mystery around the performer.

The Burlesque Long Gloves

A staple part of the burlesque performer’s wardrobe and often the first part of the outfit to be removed. When the performer starts exposing the wrist is believed to be suggestive in nature and the slow peel of a luxurious silk, satin or velvet glove gives a hint to the audience as to what is to follow. Often the gloves flung, swung, twirled and, on occasion, stuffed into the mouth of the exotic performer.

Some Burlesque stockings

Burlesque stockings are favourite of the most famous modern day striptease artist – Dita Von Teese – stockings scream sex appeal, and in a similar way to the long satin gloves, can be easily peeled off and played with in a huge number of suggestive and crowd teasing and pleasing ways. The stockings are manufactured in multiple fabrics, colours, patterns and styles the burlesque stockings are easily co-ordinated to match any outfit, fishnet or seemed are extremely popular styles.

A Burlesque Corset

The classic corset – most popular in red/black colours designed to create that perfect hourglass figure – reducing the waist and accentuating the bust and hips. The lace up back detail is great for teasing the crowd by pulling at and twirling with the ribbon or laces. A concealed zip to the side or front of the garment is perfect for removing the article with added ease and surprise.

The Burlesque Bustle Skirt or Tutu

This garment is essentially derived from Victorian fashion, the burlesque bustle skirt is used to accentuate the rump, similarly to the corset, framing the ideal hourglass figure. The burlesque skirt can be of any length, often shorter at the front with a glamorous trail to the rear, and is typically created in satin or chiffon style material. The burlesque bustle skirt acts as an extension to the movement of the lower part of the performer’s body movements and characteristically adds the glamour to the costume, while being easy to slip out of.

The Burlesque Lingerie

Sculpted to accentuate the contour and curves of the performer often designed with a 1940’s pin up girl feel in an array of lavish fabrics, seductive colours and glitzy decor. Clasps, elastic and hooks make for the slow peel and ultimate, anticipated easy removal.

Whatever your reason for wanting a Burlesque outfit, you cannot deny how sexy these costumes look and how great you will feel at your burlesque party or very own performance.

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