polestars.net How to twirl your tassels, Polestars very own Tempest Rose is going to reveal the mystery behind… nipple tassels and twirling. She will show you step by step instructions how to make them twirl so that each of you could taste this saucy skill! Tempest starts the movie with getting in an appropriate standing position before going through the different twirling techniques inwards and outwards! Following her tips with your own nipple tassels on will bring you lots of giggling and unleash your inner minx. If you got hooked you should definitely try one of our Polestars burlesque courses where you will learn more about burlesque moves, faces and routines. You will use props & themes and we’ll teach you to release your sexiness and femininity .You are guaranteed to have a giggle with Polestars burlesque dancing lessons and you will leave feeling empowered with your comfort zone amazingly stretched. Apart from burlesque lessons Polestars does also provides pole dancing and Hula Hooping courses nationwide. To get more information visit our website www.polestars.net or call 020 7274 4865

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