written by: shaylief

A beautiful woman bats her thick jet-black eyelashes, gathered in a

stunning frame around her bright green eyes. Each time she speaks,

deafening silence resounds off the walls. Every pair of eyes in the room

flit to her pursed red lips as though she were the princess from that

fairytale who was bewitched to have jewels fall from her lips every time

she spoke. With skin as pale as the purest fallen snow and dramatic

swipes of black stretching from the corners of her eyes like streams of

ink, the woman makes every other lady in the room want to go buy a paper

bag to cover up their plain by comparison faces. The haunting beauty of

burlesque makeup enchants those who see it and, when you’re wearing the

makeup, you’re guaranteed to enchant them too.

Shockingly, burlesque makeup is a relatively simple look to attain. As

described in the above depiction, it is usually characterized by either

fake eyelashes or curled ones covered in several heavy coats of mascara.

Liquid black eyeliner is usually used to create the well-known thick cat

eyes. Charcoal and silver eyeshadows are then blended up to the browbone

and swiped out to the side to meet the cat eye makeup created by the

eyeliner. Dark matte red or shimmering vivid pink are popular lipstick

colors in burlesque makeup. Burlesque performers are also known to use

white face paint to really pale their faces, but if you’re just planning

on wearing your burlesque makeup to a party or other event, that step is


Burlesque makeup is glamourous, dramatic, and possesses almost magical

bewitching qualities. As you enter a room, bask in the awestruck looks of

the men and the envious narrowed eyes of the women as you saunter through.