written by: shaylief

Almost everything in burlesque fashion is a dramatic statement piece, and

burlesque jewellery is absolutely no exception. Many burlesque garments

include touches of the old-fashioned haunting gothic style, but wearing

burlesque jewellery really makes you feel like you’re dressing up to play

the part of a vampiress in a haunted house. A sexy, glamourous,

stunningly gorgeous vampiress, that is.

There is a huge selection of burlesque jewellery to choose from. The most

well-known pieces, however, are the beaded choker necklaces. These

classic neck adornments are designed with overlapping strings of large

black beads in the main choker part of the necklace, and then alternating

strings of tiny black and dark blood red beads dangling from the choker.

Beautiful and enchanting, these dramatic ornaments appear from afar to be

intricate spiderwebs climbing delicately up the wearer’s neck.

A slight variation of these dark chokers are burlesque necklaces with

almost an identical design to the chokers described above, but they are

constructed from faux diamonds insteads of beads. This variation creates

a dazzling, flamboyant piece of jewellery perfect for a fancy party.

Burlesque chokers really flatter shorter, thicker necks, as they

accentuate the limited amount of height the neck does have and create the

illusion of a slender throat.

Ribbons and lace are both extremely popular mediums in the world of

burlesque jewellery. Burlesque bracelets, necklaces, and anklets alike

are often adorned with these two materials, or constructed from them

entirely, which then creates an extremely fragile, sophisticated piece,

perfect for adorning slender limbs and swan-like necks.

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