written by: shaylief

Picture the last {woman|lady|girl} you encountered in your daily travels.

Can you envision in your mind’s eye the shape of the buttons on her

pants, the {exact|precise|actual} {pattern|sample} of the shirt she was

{{wearing|sporting}|sporting}, or the shade of lipstick she had on? No,

you probably can’t. But at this very moment, your mind is most-likely

conjuring up {images|pictures|photos|photographs} of what you saw on top

of her head. Hair: Its color, its length, whether it’s curly, wavy, or

straight, that is what people {remember|keep in mind|bear in mind|don’t

{forget|overlook}|recall} most about the physical appearance of

{others|other people|other folks|other individuals}. It’s the first thing

that makes that “Hey, I know that person!” {piece|item} of your brain

snap into place when you see an acquaintance in an unexpected location.

{Therefore|As a result|Consequently|For that reason|Thus|therefore}, it’s

not surprising that, in the dramatic {world|globe|planet|earth} of

burlesque fashion, burlesque hair{style|fashion|type|model|design}s are

the most outrageous of all.

There are a wide variety of glamorous ways to fashion your hair into a

burlesque {style|fashion|type|model|design}.

{tight|restricted|limited|snug|small} ringlet curls is the traditional

{texture|consistency} of burlesque hair, but straight hair is also

acceptable, especially if you’re planning on

{{wearing|sporting}|sporting} a hat or other head adornments. If you

really want to go all out, most professional burlesque wearers dye their

hair jet black, red, or some combination of the two

{colors|colours|shades|hues}. {However|Nevertheless|Nonetheless|Even

so|Having said that|however}, {Bleach|Harsh detergents|Chlorine

bleach|Lighten|Whiten|bleach} blond is also a hair color that has

recently become more popular in burlesque fashion. Burlesque hair can be

left down, but the crazier burlesque wearers enjoy pinning it up in crazy

ways to make it stand out even more. No matter if you’re daring or

{usually|generally|normally|typically|commonly} shy on the side of a

conservative {approach|method|strategy} to

{style|fashion|type|model|design}, there are plenty of burlesque hair

{options|choices|alternatives|possibilities|selections} for everyone.