written by: shaylief

When you think of fancy gloves, the image that often swirls into the mind

is an elegant movie star posed in some black and white photograph from

the early 1900s. Charming and beautiful, the woman is decked out in a

floor-length formal coat with a thick fur-trimmed collar, one of her

silk-covered arms outstretched, her fingers grasping delicately for

something just out of reach beyond the corner of the frame. While gloves

in modern times usually don’t come hand in hand with a long fur coat and

a roll of black and white film, that old-fashioned air of elegance is

still infused into their fabric, adding an instant boost of class and

charm to whoever slips them on.

Burlesque gloves are yet another accessory that can really tip the scale

towards a flawless burlesque outfit. With their air of properness and

conservativeness, they’re a great addition to a fancy dress for an extra

boost of elegance, or to a barely there burlesque costume in order to

cover up a little more skin.

Most burlesque gloves available are black or red and elbow-length. Some

are decorated with feather trim or little bows, some are constructed of

black lace that looks like a gossamer spiderweb twisting up the wearer’s

arm, while still others are made entirely of peacock feathers. Which

style you choose depends on your personal tastes and the nature of the

event to which you’re planning on attending with your new accessory.