sexy burlesque lingerieBurlesque Garters: For Weddings and More

A beaming bride giggles wildly as her handsome groom shimmies under her flowing dress to retrieve the lacy white garter from its place around her leg. Grinning, he emerges a moment later, triumphantly pinning the elastic band of lace and ribbons between his teeth. In answer to the impatient howls from the gathered crowd of suited bachelors, the groom cheerfully flings the garter from his teeth into the cluster of single men.

This scene is usually the image that conjures up in the mind of most people when faced with the term ‘garter’. Garters have an erotic element, but, in scenes such as the quintessential garter-throwing moment at a wedding, they can also be an expression of pure love and happiness. While these bands were originally worn around the leg to keep up a stocking or sock, garters today are used at weddings in scenes such as the one above and are also often sold as part of lingerie outfits.

Burlesque garters are crafted with the highest quality materials and are

available in a wide variety of styles and colors. White is the traditional color for garters at weddings, but most burlesque garters are designed in a gothic style much like that of burlesque jewelry. They usually appear in colors such as black, red, or deep purple. While old-fashioned garters were simply narrow bands of fabric, modern burlesque garters are most-often elastic bands decorated with strips of lace or ribbons and attachments such as miniature bows or flowers.

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 Red Garters (film)