Bulresque Frilly Knickers coujure up all that is sexy in Burlesque. A time filled with sweet innocence and adolescent dreams and aspirations, the 1950s created more timeless fashion innovations, many of which are still considered trendy retro classics today, than any other decade in history.

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Designed with a frou-frou, feminine look in mind, burlesque frilly knickers are one of those garments that put a modern twist on a timeless fashion trend from the 1950s. While the term ‘burlesque underwear’ doesn’t exactly bring an image of wholesome designs and dancing lollipops to the mind, burlesque frilly knickers are the perfect mixture of innocence and feminine sophistication.

Retro Femininity With a Twist

Frilly knickers in present times are available in two basic designs with lots of freedom to dabble in different colors and patterns. One design is basically identical to the original frilly knickers from the 1950s with a few incorporations of modern technology. Similar to silk bloomer shorts on the top, these retro knickers extend to approximately mid-thigh, where they end in a lacy elastic band that creates the billowing appearance of 1950s bloomers. The second, more modern frilly knicker design is one of the only modernized old-fashioned burlesque garments that have managed to uphold their sweet, innocent style. Designed as several layers of delicate ruffles and lace woven from threads of the highest quality, these modernized undergarments retain the 1950s look with a high-waisted bikini underwear style. Although frilly knickers are mostly available in one girly block hue such as light pink, cream, white, soft red, or sky blue, the occasional pair features a wild pattern, such as tropical birds or vibrant red roses, printed onto the ruffles. Burlesque frilly knickers are designed with the modest style of the 1950s in mind, but don’t let their conservative approach fool you. Like any other style of burlesque undergarments, burlesque frilly knickers are sexy and glamourous, just with an added touch of class and innocent femininity.

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