A luxury hourglass corset from 1878, featuring...

For many people, the term ‘burlesque corset‘ may conjure an image in the mind’s eye of an unhappy rich girl from the early 1900s, gripping so tightly to the sides of a mirror her knuckles turn blue as she gasps for air while her sympathetic but determined handmaid grimly yanks the girl’s corset’s strings into place, digging into her back. Well have no fear! Wearing a burlesque corset is nothing like the awful that scene. A burlesque corset is just another sexy glamorous puzzle piece in the quest to creatingthe perfect burlesque outfit, and it certainly will never leaves you half-suffocated, even if it does sinch you in all the right places!

The first and most important step to purchasing a burlesque corset is searching out the perfect style and shape that will fit your unique body type. Make sure to buy a high-quality corset that really fits you well and doesn’t squeeze you in any of the wrong places. A good corset should accentuate all your natural curves and bust, smooth any areas on your torso that need to be smoothed, and allow you to breathe normally! A too-small or a low-quality type corset will cause a tight, restrained feeling in your abdomen and bust, and you will feel a tightness when you out for the night.

Another, more enjoyable aspect of burlesque corset shopping is picking your desired design. Some burlesque corsets are more low-cut, showing off more cleavage, while others are a little more conservative, with a higher neckline and a frilly skirt (tutu) attached at the bottom to cover a little more skin. Burlesque corsets come in a wide variety of bright colors and designs, such as black, red, pink, leopard, stripes, lace, or glitter. Have fun, here are some that we like here at Burlesque Clothing.