A pink feather boa, colour isolated

The softness of feather boas sweep around your feet as you twirl in front of the mirror. Your eyes rise up to gaze upon the elegant string of feathers adorning your slender neck, each one dyed in a shocking bright hue. As you pivot away from the mirror and absentmindedly brush the tickling feathers out of your eyes, you smile because you know that no matter you’re heading, your feather boa will stun everyone wherever you go.

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Feather boas have been an essential part of the quintessential burlesque costume since the origin of burlesque fashion. They never fail to add an extra boost of glamour and stunning appeal to your already fabulous outfit. Burlesque costumes, especially the skimpier ones, can often leave you feeling a bit exposed, but wrapping a bright feather boa around your shoulders helps you cover up a little more skin without losing the sensuousness of your original costume.

If you’re planning on wearing your burlesque costume as part of an act, such as dancing, throwing on a feather boa is especially important. Wearing a burlesque costume on stage can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re already nervous about performing itself. But when you’re up on stage, strutting your stuff with a feather boa wrapped around your neck like a snake, hissing boosts of confidence in your ear, you’ll be amazed to see how much of that nervousness seems to simply evaporate into the crowd.

Wearing a feather boa is guaranteed to make you feel fun and flirtatious, and, best of all, bright and beautiful. The shocking colors and peacock-like appearance of the long string of feathers is sure to command the attention of everyone in the room. As you frolick around with your chin held high and your feather boa wraveled tightly around your neck, enjoy the looks of awe and admiration you collect, but the feelings of confidence and beauty your feather boa will help you gather will last much longer than any look ever could.