Her full red lips purse and streams of glitter fall from her eyes, sprinkling onto her pale cheeks as she blinks her thick black lashes alluringly. As the woman twists her slender neck to fix her compelling gaze upon a gawking onlooker, the jewellery adorning her neck sparkles and her earrings swing dramatically in slow-motion. This captivating lady could easily be you, with the help of the right burlesque accessories.

You’ve finally aquired the perfect burlesque outfit for your latest event. Congratulations! But your work is just beginning. Luckily, this is the fun part: Picking out accessories! As every woman knows, an outfit, especially a burlesque outfit, is not complete until it is fullyembellished with the perfect accesssories.

First and foremost, we have jewellery. Most burlesque jewellery is designedin a unique gothic style, usually in dark, alluring colours like purple,red, and black. Thin black chains, gauzy gauntlet cuffs, and many other pieces are prominent in burlesque jewelry but one of the most familiar pieces is the ribbon choker. This gorgeous, sensual choker consists of a silk ribbon adorned with lace that is to be wrapped tightly around the neck. The ribbon usually has delicate black chains dangling gracefully from its bottom and a blossoming rose attached to one side. Burlesque jewellery is elegant, unique, and an essential accessory to burlesque costumes.

Burlesque makeup is an essential add-on to any burlesque costume. Usually consisting of dark red or maroon lips, thick lines of midnight black eyeliner, and lashes heavily coated in black mascara, burlesque makeup, like most everything else in burlesque fashion, is extremely dramatic. If you want your burlesque makeup to be even more outrageous, add a strategically placed beauty mark and some white powder to pale your face.