Bordello Shoes…picture this. Glitter flies off the sparkling shoes like dust off an ancient library book left unread for too long. The wild burlesque performer prances across the stage, clicking her extraordinarily high heels together as she goes. With each fantastic twirl, the sequined shoes dazzle in the twinkling spotlight. As the performer twirls faster and faster, her hair flying around her, her dress whipping in a million different directions, they become flaming shapes of colored light, almost blinding the crowd with the sheer light radiating off them. The audience is fixated, lulled into a trance simply by the woman’s shoes. So what are these enchanting heels? They’re called bordello shoes, another genius innovation in burlesque fashion, and even if you’re not a professional burlesque performer, you can easily purchase a pair of your very own.

Bordello shoes are all basically molded the same. They have extraordinarily high heels, with an added raised platform in the toe and a rounded front. What makes each stunning pair special, however, is their carefully crafted unique design. Rhinestones, sequins, glitter, lace, leopard print, stripes, polka dots, the possibilities are endless. One particular pair of bordello shoes were even made to mimic the appearance of a men’s suit, black and white, complete with tiny buttons down the side and a miniature bow tie attached at the front.

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