This site featuring Burlesque Clothing will show you a beautiful range of Burlesque style outfits and dresses to help you dress up and create that authentic look just like modern day burlesque diva Dita Von Teese achieves. The look is sexy, provocative and erotic but is also very glamorous.  The big high heels, perfect red lipstick pout and painted nails complement the elaborate and elegant outfits not forgetting the burlesque bra or fabulous basques and corsets, sexy lacy stockings & suspenders, frilly French knickers and elegant underwear, a showgirl headdress all encapsulate the show girl costume look and all that is Burlesque glamour!

Burlesque Today:

Many names that have been associated with burlesque dress over the years icons such as are Betty Grable, Bettie Page, Sally Rand, the legendary Marilyn Monroe, Mae West and Lili St Cyr. Today it is Dita who is leading the burlesque revival and making it more popular probably than ever it has been. And it is very popular indeed in fact Dita Von Teese pics and Dita Von Teese videos can be found almost everywhere when you search for the look online. Burlesque and the art of the Teese has a steep history and not a modern phenomenen. Many young people may be drawn to the look from Christina Aguilera who has often used the look in videos like Moulin Rouge Lady Marmalade and more recently she plays Alia a plucky Midwesterner and small town girl in the film Burlesque who comes to the bright lights of  Los Angeles with dreams of making it as a singer. Tess played by pop legend Cher decides to give her a shot and the all singing, all dancing film and its sparkly outfits has been a very popular movie at the box office.

Burlesque clubs and burlesque dancing seems to be here to stay. Burlesque dance classes are now also becoming very popular hen party and vintage party entertainment. So for your next party why not grab the look?

History of Burlesque Clothing:

The voluptous moulin rouge dress / burlesque look and burlesque fancy dress outfits you are looking for all have roots in cabaret perfomances and our costumes all show of the elegance of this look.

The burlesque term can be traced to folk poetry and theatre and apparently derived from the Latin word (‘trifle’).

The origin of the word “burlesque” is controversial, citing mostly burlesque French roots, which was in turn decended out of Italian burlesco, adapted out out the Spanish burla (“joke”) as its root.

In Britain, “burlesque” poetry and prose was first popularized in the 14th century by satirical Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer. Later, many Irish and British satirical writers came to political and social awareness in the 18th and 19th centuries such as William Make peace Thackeray.

16th-century playwright and poet Miguel de Cervantes ridiculed medieval romance in the many satirical works he crated. The first widespread use of the word burlesqeue was like a literary term Italy of 17th century and France, where she was referring to a grotesque dignity or pathetic imitation.

From the beginning of the 18th century, the burlesque term was used in Europe to describe musical works in which serious and comic elements were combined for a kind of strange grotesque effect. Early burlesque theatre was a form of parody music and theatrical performance, in which a serious or romantic Opera and classical theatre piece has been adapted.

Towards the end of the 19th century in the UK, these dramatic productions became very popular, especially in special theatres such as the Olympic Games and the Gaiety in London. In Britain, burlesque was perceived to be a largely a middle class event, where jokes are supported on familiarity of audiences with known operas and artistic works.

Gradually burlesque performers started appearing in the rooms of music too, making performances of musical sketches for the classes meeting with political & social satire. This form has remained popular in the twentieth century and it often still does today. In America, the term became associated with a variety show in which striping down is the main attraction. Although the go-go was born in the Moulin Rouge in Paris 1890 it has become a part of some burlesque clothing and dancing movement throughout Europe, only American culture is a burlesque term aligned with striptease.

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